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Welcome Nightline viewers!

Renee and I were so excited to be a part of Nightline's segment on household waste reduction! We actually filmed it back in September and it was an amazing day. Lisa Fletcher and the crew were wonderful, and they made it a truly enjoyable experience. And oh how we do love to talk about garbage. We are the trash-talkin' moms.

The segment came about because of the One Can A Month Challenge we ran over the summer. We challenged our readers to reduce their curbside garbage down to one can a month by incorporating reduce, reuse, recycle tactics throughout their homes. My family and Renee's family both put out one can each month, and as you saw from the footage, we're not cave-dwelling, off-the-grid types. We're just like you. Well, unless you live in a cave. Even if the thought of reducing your garbage that much is overwhelming, please check out our tips and suggestions and start taking baby steps toward a lighter garbage footprint. We did it, many other families do it, and so can you.

And if you missed the segment, we'll upload the video tomorrow.


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