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KidTip: Little hands cut up old holiday cards for tags and decor

We are having a snow day, which don't bode well in our household. My kids and I thrive on routine. My first grader loves to be busy. Thus, with a snow day, it doesn't take long for us to start feeling cabin fever. A black cloud of doom hovers over my head, and my inner thought bubble escalates quickly from tentative pragmatism to potential catastrophe:

"I think I can handle one snow day. But what if it doesn't melt? What if they declare another snow day tomorrow? What if they declare a week's worth of snow days?!? What if we don't go back to school until after the winter break??!!"

This train of thought drives me to near panic then wonder: is it beer-o-clock, yet? Sadly, It's 10am. I'm still in my PJs and have yet to brush my teeth. Beer-o-clock looms far in the distance.

Card-tags But back to today. I've got a handful of things I think we can do. Kids are buzzing around me, like I'm the cruise director, hoping I have some fabulous snow day plan. I do not. I'm winging it. Yet, there's one positive outcome to report so far. The blessing of this "found time" is we got some Christmas gift wrapping done today. My kids love to help wrap, but are not the best wrappers. Yet, I do have a job for them. I found a ten-year-old stack of holiday cards in one of our Christmas storage boxes that have been impossible to throw away/recycle. My kids' little hands excel at cutting off the written note part off the card, recycling those bits, then saving the pretty card covers for future wrapping. We even took off some cute graphics and verbiage from the photo cards to reuse as package tags. We will be well stocked for this holiday season, and years into the future.

As for our family's own holiday greetings, last year we debuted a youtube Christmas card. It was a hit. However, we are beginning to empathize with M. Night Shyamalan. How do you create genius again, when your first movie is such a smashing success? We've got ideas for this year's youtube card, but the clock is ticking. Perhaps that's how we'll fill these next few snow days...


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