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LED Christmas lights: are you using them?

Ledlights I really, really thought this would be the year we switched over to LED Christmas lights. They are more energy efficient and they last much longer than the old incandescents. The cost is higher initially, but since they have such a greater lifespan, they are actually cheaper than the old energy guzzling kind in the long run. But the thing that's kept me from making the purchase is the quality of the light. I keep reading how they are much dimmer and not nearly as attractive. There has to be a balance here, folks. I'm all for supporting energy-efficient industries, but I also want a pleasing, festive return on my investment.

Over the summer I bought a few LED light bulbs to use around the house. Awful, awful, awful. The light quality was so bad I wondered who was actually using them. I returned them all. I'm not sure I've ever seen LED lights on a Christmas tree, even in store displays. (Of course, I don't spend much time in stores these days...) And I don't want to string up the tree in LEDs only to find that I hate them.

So, are you using them? Love 'em? Hate 'em? What kind (brand if you know it, or color and style) are you using?


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