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Reuse a Christmas tree

DSC_0002 If you would have suggested I reuse a Christmas tree several years ago, I would have suggested you go spend some quality time with Dr. Shrinky-Dink at the Spa Looney Bin. Reuse a tree? Yet yes, indeedy, that's what our family has done for the past few years. We've been blessed to be a part of a very sweet cooperative preschool. One of their winter field trips involves going to a tree farm and cutting down a tree (the adults do the cutting, mind you). The tree then decorates the classroom in the weeks before winter break where they learn about Christmas in Germany, Mexico and if you can forget about the tree for a minute, Hanukkah.

But then they have a problem on their hands. They don't want to leave a tree up during the winter break. First, because it's a fire hazard. Second, because by the time winter break is over Christmas is so two weeks ago and they're ready to learn about Asian New Year. I guess I've just happened to be in the right place at the right time, because I somehow always manage to overhear the head teacher talking with the cooperative's president about finding someone to take home or recycle the Christmas tree. And I'm like: "Uh. Christmas tree? Just so happens we don't have one yet. We'd be glad to take it off your hands..." So on the last day, I come with bungee cords, some gardening gloves and slap that bad boy onto my roof rack. Voila! Instant reused Christmas tree.

Now, I don't think this approach will work for everyone. There can't be that many preschools, can there? Although, where I live, it feels like you can't swing a dead rodent an not hit a preschool. Now that I've gone and blabbed about it, I doubt I'll be blessed with the preschool's tree this year. But it's an idea. Maybe it could work for you.


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