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YouTube Holiday Greeting Card 2008

Well, you decide whether we've used these endless snow days productively or otherwise. Believe it or not, this holiday tradition of YouTube video greeting cards started as an environmental desire to save paper! This year's has a little back story. You know how DVDs have all those bonus features? What you should know about this video is that we'd scripted a whole other story line (about recycling!), we were deep into planning the video shots, and we scrapped it. Forcing us to start anew from zero. If you haven't noticed the running theme of that last several weeks' posts, I'll give you a hint: it's about the historic snow that has crippled the Portland area this holiday season. While cabin fever has been held slightly at bay, it's forced us to truly be in the moment, enjoy family time and create memories (instead of purchasing them). If you like the video, all the kind words should be addressed to my dear husband, whom we fondly call Cheap-o-Dad. Movie rated mostly G with some potty-humor...

Happy holidays from Heather and I. After today, we'll be offline to celebrate with our families for a few days. Wishing you all peace, joy and the spirit of green during the holiday season.


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