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Don't flush cleaning wipes!

But you aren't using cleaning wipes, anyways, are you? Oh, it's okay, maybe you haven't taken that baby step yet. (You will.) So if you are using wipes, please don't flush them down the toilet (even if the manufacturer says it's okay). Shelby Wood, the awesome sustainability blogger/journalist for The Oregonian had a bit about this in today's paper. Check this out:

"Clean Water Services, the public utility in Washington County, says workers pull 1000 gallons of wipes out of pump stations each month. Every other day, they must shut down a pump station just to clear wipe clogs."

Ew. These puppies do not dissolve like toilet paper and are causing huge headaches for our already overtaxed water systems. Wipes are an environmental nightmare. Even stuff like those 'disposable' toilet cleaning wands shouldn't be flushed. (And I've heard, in-person, an official from the Department of Environmental Quality here in Oregon, say the same thing about G-Diapers. Disaster.) The only product that should go down the toilet is toilet paper. Period.

And on that happy note, have a great wipe-free weekend! (Well, I mean, you can wipe, just don't use...oh nevermind.)


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