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Favorite 'trash to treasure' products?

I think it's pretty cool that more and more creative, green-minded businesses and artisans are using 'trash' to make stuff. You've probably heard about people who make stuff out of plastic bags -- they weave pillows, rugs or baskets, and even crochet with it! Or fiber artists who take old wool sweaters and turn them into fuzzy stuffed animals.

One company that is mass-producing items from 'trash' is TerraCycle. They make bags and backpacks out of used Capri Sun pouches and other non-recyclables. (Well, most cities don't recycle these products.) What's cool is that they've teamed up with the manufacturers to incentivize you to mail them your used drink pouches, Oreo cookie packaging, energy bag wrappers and the like. And they'll send you postage-paid envelopes to do it! Now, my first thought is that people shouldn't be buying this stuff in the first place, but hey, if you do and want to see the waste reused, then sign up with Terracycle's Brigades. For every wrapper you return, they'll donate $.02 to your non-profit of choice.


One of my favorite 'trash to treasure' companies is Ex Libris Anonymous, a Portland business that removes the covers of old, broken-down library books and turns them into spiral-bound blank journals. They even insert a page from the original book every so often. I have a dozen of these and use them all the time for taking notes.

What are some of your favorite products made from reused and recycled materials?


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