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Patching pants (finally!)

I believe it was just before the start of the school year when I pondered preemptive pants patching -- as in patching up the knees of my kids' pants before they blew out. Well...I think Renee has referred to me as a woman of big ideas and little short-term memory...I never got around to doing it. But, thanks to being snowbound for two weeks, I finally got some projects done.  


These blue jeans had lost their knees and were about an inch too short on my growing girl (amazing what food and water does to a kid) but they still fit fine everywhere else. So I cut out the only shape I can manage, the heart (and even that one is questionable), and hand-stitched the patches. The cuffs were a leap of faith -- particularly since I'm not an experienced seamstress -- so I dusted off the neglected sewing machine and simply hemmed both edges and then stitched them on the bottom of her pants. This fabric is pretty rugged, so hopefully it will hold up. This one too:


Patching pants is a slow process, for me anyways, but it was so satisfying to have given new life to old pants. I've got a couple of wool sweaters I haven't worn in two years due to moth holes -- next project.


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