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Rediscovering your stuff

During our seemingly endless snowbound days, I took the opportunity to dig through the closets. Oh man. It is stunning the stuff we have and forgot about. Truly, if things are not directly in front of me they might as well have never existed. I was going through all of these dry-cleaned clothes hanging in my husband's closet and found a pair of my pants that I LOVE yet had completely forgotten. How does that happen? It's been over a year since I saw these pants. Much like these slippers:


You would not believe the effort that went into procuring these slippers several years ago, and I wore them with love for a couple. Then the cork sole detached, so I tossed them into the depths figuring I'd fix them someday. Years later...my slippers! A bit of industrial-strength adhesive (definitely not non-toxic) later and now I have slippers again. I'm always so cold, so I wear these all the time. I re-love them.


I've been wanting some fingerless gloves because I get so cold (again) working on my computer. I wonder if your fingers lose circulation when typing? So I find these gloves, which I don't remember owning, but I have plenty of gloves. Snip, snip: fingerless gloves.


My mom was here for three days over Christmas -- she only lives 15 minutes away, but she hitched a ride on a mega-truck to get to our house and hunkered down with us. She is truly the queen of repurposing and rediscovering stuff. Seriously, she can redecorate an entire house without going to a store. I grew up with this, and my DNA is programmed to completely rearrange our living room every six months. So we did that to my son's room in about two hours one night. The option of shopping was completely removed, so we shopped the house. We were a frenzy of moving furniture, rehanging artwork and shuffling stuff around. These vintage flashcards I bought at a rummage sale (and shoved into a drawer) were remembered and ohhed over. A magnet board, purchased and never hung, was dusted off and given a home. His room went from being so sad and barren to being my favorite room in the house.

I feel like I'm always trying to get rid of stuff around here. (Note to self: think before you buy.) I think about the day when the kids have grown and moved out (okay, I just got weepy) and we downsize to a two-bedroom modern pre-fab where we're forced to live with a more European mentality. Everything on a small scale. Until then, I'm going to keep purging and rediscovering and appreciating the stuff we have.


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