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Looking for the ideal EnviroMom hairstyle

Jane-jetson So let's talk some more about hair. Specifically, the hair on our heads. One of the comments in Heather's post yesterday brings up a very practical point about hair-dryers: If we all had hairstyles that did not require blow-drying we could avoid the frustration of cheap hair-dryers that break super easily. Absolutely. No disputing that.

While my hair is not orange, it does bear striking similarities to Jane Jetson's style -- and you gotta know she's using a blow-dryer. So here's the thing: I think I look much better when I have a hairstyle that requires blow drying. And when my hair color is current (i.e., not exposing the horrifying silver-gray roots that make me look ancient and naturally spring from my middle-aged scalp). Now, I'm not super vain or anything. And I know I don't look like a movie star even on a good hair day. But I do notice that my mood is much better when I can look in the mirror and like what I see. Because every four weeks, when my gray roots begin to show, I start shunning the mirror. And my mood gets kind of dark. Or if I (heaven-forbid) go to bed with wet hair and wake up in the morning with crazy-ass cowlicks all over my head... Let's just say it's a bad way to start the day. Because at that point, no amount of blow drying can fix it.

I really don't want to become the EnviroMom with long gray braids. In my mind, that's the poster girl for EcoFreaks. It's the polar opposite of being assimilated into the blow-drying mindset. Now if you do wear your hair gray or in braids -- Hey! You go girl! I just don't think it's for me. Not at this juncture (channeling Bush senior, there).

While we're on the subject of hair, I'll let you in on something crazy I did the other day! I tried my home-made shampoo on my own head. The jury's still out. It feels different when I wash and dry it. Not necessarily bad. Not necessarily good. But I do plan to keep at it for a month, then let you know whether it gets an EnviroMom thumbs up or not. I also should add that I embarrassed the heck out of Heather (where we were meeting for our annual EnviroMom Board of Directors meeting) in a bar last night when I made her touch my hair. She looked very uncomfortable and said "It feels like hair." Having had a few beers, I reveled in her discomfort, but it's not like I made her look deeply into my eyes or anything...

So here's what I'm wondering. Is there a middle ground? Are there any EnviroMom-ready hair-styles that don't require a lot of fuss and muss? That can withstand a bike helmet and still be ready for a date with EnviroDad? (I must admit that worrying about how my hair would look has stopped me from riding my bike on several occasions since we are a helmet-required family). Are we limited to the super short pixie or the really long but easy to pull into a pony-tail styles? Send pictures! I really want to ride my bike more and not be stopped by the fear of helmet hair!


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