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How do you clean your hardwood floors?

Back in the day we used Murphy's Oil Soap to give our 50-year old oak floors a good cleaning. I think it was about a year ago when I purged our house of all toxic cleaning products (and donated them to a shelter) and, ahem, I haven't cleaned the hardwoods since. I mean, I've vacuumed and spot-cleaned them, but they could really use a good all-over scrub. Murphy's ranks pretty low in the 'toxic' department, but it still carried enough warnings to make me leery of using it anymore. I use warm water and vinegar on our ghastly vinyl kitchen floor and on the bathroom tile and it works fine. According to this article, water and vinegar and a little lemon is safe on hardwoods. What do you recommend? Do you brew your own wood floor cleaner or use an eco-friendly off-the-shelf product?


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