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Making shrink art/Shrinky Dinks with #6 plastic clamshells!

News flash: Yes, you can make Shrinky Dink shrink art with #6 plastic! It's easy! Watch this:

Our family has become obsessed with Shrinky Dinks resulting from my first grader participating in an extremely cool class art project: a Shrinky Dink chandelier. Said chandelier now hangs in my girls' bedroom (I won it at our school's fundraising auction). It is sooooo cool. Now we are embellishing their plain-jane bed canopy with Shrinky-Dinks of our own creation. I found much to my chagrin that we have an ample supply of #6 plastic clamshells down in our basement recycling sort center. Surely, they must have gotten there prior to my big idea about the take-out kit... And they all seem to smell of Pad Thai... Perhaps I need a remedial dish-washing class?

Now get thee making some Shrinky Dinks of your own today! It's fun!!!

Edited 9.29.09: Hiya, everyone. I've had quite a few requests to see the aforementioned chandelier, so I am updating with a photo!



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