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Best backyard fruit trees?

Peachtree Renee was over the other day and we got to talking, of course, about gardening. (Spring Fever is pretty bad over here.) We both had some aha! moments -- she decided to try growing seeds indoors, as reported yesterday. And I realized that I have a couple of potentially ideal spots for growing espaliered fruit trees (and camouflaging a nasty chain link fence). Now, I have a lot of homework to do on how to espalier a fruit tree. I've attempted to do it before with an apple tree, but I went into it blind and I'm pretty sure we'll never get fruit off of that particular tree. This time I want to get it right, so if you have any hints or good resources, please share.

But what I'm really interested to know is whether any of you have fruit trees in your yard. What kind, and do you get good, edible fruit? It seems like some fruit trees, maybe peach trees, are more susceptible to disease, which is probably why organic peaches are tough to come by, and they cost the moon when you can find them. But of course I want a peach tree! Wouldn't it be great to meander out to the yard and pick a ripe, juicy peach? So I'm thinking about apple, pear and plum trees, too. Maybe cherry or kiwi. (Orange and grapefruit would be awesome, alas this is the Pacific NW.) Definitely not persimmon. I lived in a house with a persimmon tree once and, you know, unless you really love persimmons they just end up getting eaten up by the birds and making a mess. Do you love your fruit trees?

For you Portlanders -- one nursery I will definitely be visiting soon is One Green World in Molalla, which specializes in fruit, nut, berries and native plants. It looks amazing.


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