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New roof = green roof and solar ready?

Shingle I've been in denial. When we moved into our house 9 years ago, we did the home inspection and were told we had a good, long life left in our roof. So in recent years when gutter cleaners and contractors have suggested we needed a new roof, I was all "La-la-la-la-la! I can't hear you!" Although, the wind storms that seem to vomit off roof shingles on a regular basis are messin' with my fantasy world. Unfortunately, our roof seems to have been roofed with inferior quality materials. It is time. The roof is on life support. This is the year of the new roof.

Deodora-pineLooking on the bright side, a new roof could mean that our roof would be solar ready. I haven't had it inspected or anything, but we get a ton of southern exposure and have little in the way of big trees overhanging/shadowing our roof (except for the neighbor's one ginormous deodora pine that rains down pine cones that fill our gutters and sometimes startle us such that we jump out of our socks). I still think our house/roof would make a good solar candidate.

I am also wondering if there are greener ways to roof a house. In the past, we've only ever had the standard asphalt roofing shingles. Google brings up some interesting green roofing possibilities: beer can shingles! photovoltaic shingles! recycled content shingles! insulating shingles! It boggles the mind. I fear analysis-paralysis may set in. And we'll have buckets in our living room catching the drips from the roof/ceiling...

Has anyone gone down this path already and have wisdom to share on green roofs and solar panels? 


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