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Purse repair

Purse Is it just me? I seem to lose my keys on a regular basis. Put them on the counter, kids move them, husband puts them in the junk drawer, or in my purse. I probably need one of those clapper things to locate them, but I refuse. If this wasn't hard enough, my purse started eating the keys. I've had this purse for ages. I bought it in Spain in 1993, or somewhere around there. It's made of good quality leather (sorry vegans), and has really worn well over the years. Except for the lining, which has started to wear thin. Then out and out sprouted holes. One big enough to eat my keys.

Now you know me. I live by the motto: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." But this was taking things too far. So the purse was banished to the closet for a while. In the interim, I've tried a bazillion (well, maybe three) purses, and none of them has been a love-connection. So I got out the old Spanish purse, and took out the lining. And patched it! This is something I feared would be beyond my sewing abilities. I also gave the lining a good wash (boy, did it need it!)

Remove-lining Lining-patches Patched-purse
I often hesitate to post about these kinds of things, because I don't want to be all "Look at me! Look what I did? Where's my gold star??" It's not about that. It's about pushing possibilities. Had I not seen Heather's patch job on the knees of her daughter's jeans, I never would have tried that. Now my older daughter will be wearing some newly patched pants that will look hauntingly familiar. But hey, if we can make patchwork trendy, then I'm all for it! The other thing is that my kids are always watching me. They file away every swear word that escapes my lips and notice that I repair things instead of throwing them away and then going out to buy new. I hope they will keep that in their brains (instead of the swear words).


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