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Can we talk about cutting boards?

I know, riveting topic. But I'm not feeling great about my cutting boards:


My flexible veggie board in particular is full of cuts and is so misshapen that it's hard to chop anything, particularly little stuff like garlic. And I think the rigid plastic boards are harder to cut on -- not as clean-cutting. And I'm just not feeling great about plastic these days, anyway. So even though I recently ranted about all the stuff in my kitchen cabinets, I'd like to get rid of some or all of these and get one nice cutting board. But -- and bear with me if this seems a little obsessive, or possibly naive -- I'm trying to envision exactly what I need. I have questions:

How many cutting boards does a person need? Do you have one for veggies, one for raw meats, etc? What about cooked meats? Every time I cut into a cooked chicken I get juices all over the floor, so are those boards with the juice catchers along the edge worthwhile? Those boards are pretty big, so would that double as an everyday veggie-cutting board, too? (I chop veggies almost every day, particulary in the summer, so this is important. I need a decent-sized board for that alone.)

What about materials? Bamboo? Butcher block? You can find many 'green' boards online -- bamboo grown without pesticides, etc. Though this article points out that some are made with formaldehyde-based glues, so you need to watch out for that. Mostly I'd like something that's going to hold up for years and years, won't dull my knives and isn't so big that it's hard to wash. Bonus points for sustainable materials. Good gravy. I've spent more time thinking about cutting boards than I've ever spent actually planning a meal.


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