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Eco-friendly window washing tips?


After our kitchen recession remodel is over, I am going to wash the windows (or possibly splurge and hire someone). But they are loooong overdue. Particularly now, with the tremendous amount of dust coating our house, it makes all of the smeary fingerprints and winter residue that much more noticeable. Seriously, I think we will double the amount of light getting into our house just by washing those windows!

Typically I tackle them twice a year. Initially they look great. I can't believe what an amazing window washer I am! No streaks! No smearing! But a couple of days later, particularly when the sun hits them just right, I am appalled by how bad they actually look. My technique (if you can call it that) is to wash them with warm water and vinegar applied with a sponge and then dry it off using newspapers, which is supposed to eliminate the streaking. Not so much.

We've had them washed professionally once, and the guy used a touch of Dawn dish soap (which I'm not interested in purchasing), but he said the secret was to use a squeegee embedded with a razor blade to finish it off. This is probably only something a professional should try (I can just imagine the scratches I might inflict). Now, I have no illusions of replicating a professional job myself, but I'd like to at least feel good about the hours of labor spent on windows! Have any eco-friendly window-washing tips to share?


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