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I. Made. Compost.


When I first started composting a couple of years ago, I worried. I worried that it would be stinky and rat-infested and too hard and that I wouldn't actually make compost. Then I realized that actually making compost wasn't really my goal anyway. My goal was keeping food scraps out of my garbage, so I stopped worrying about that. And as I started composting, I realized that keeping a slightly damp ratio of half food scraps, half brown yard matter kept it from stinking. And it was really easy.

So imagine my surprise when I actually made compost! My very first bin was homemade -- a plastic garbage can drilled with drainage holes. It worked fine, but it filled up within the year (maybe not enough holes). So I shoved it aside to make room for the Earth Machine, which I have used for over a year and it has never filled up and I've never taken anything out. Until now!

We have compost in both composters. Imagine! Lovely, dark compost, ready to be dug into the garden. It's a beautiful thing. The only things that didn't break down were eggshells, but I'm just going to crumble them up. They're good for the garden, too.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


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