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The limited screen diet


This is going to be short because I've got to step away from the computer. Lately it's just been sucking away my time and attention. I'll sit down to 'quickly' check email, and oh well as long as I'm sitting here let's see what those Fug girls are up to, which is a natural transition to People, which makes me think of my own people on Facebook, and then I want some real news on the Huffington Post, and as long as I've just thrown away 20 minutes I might as well check my Google reader...and so it goes.

When my kids start fighting, I yell at them from the computer (even though I scold them for yelling from different rooms in the house). I'm forever telling them "just a few more minutes" which turns into far more (and then I feel a little resentful when I do get pulled away). Housework gets neglected. And mostly, sitting here for extended lengths of time just makes me feel slothful. It's worse in the gloomy winter months, but now the sun is shining and it's going to be a nice, warm weekend here in Portland. So starting today I'm putting myself on a computer screen diet (TV really isn't a problem) for the next three days, and hopefully beyond that I can set myself some screen parameters. It's not like I don't have a list of other things to do. Places to go! People to see!

I won't be blogging any less or not reading your comments (and Renee and I read every single one -- they are so good and supportive and generally put a smile on my face -- who doesn't need more of that?) but I want to be smarter about how I do it. Dedicated chunks of time rather than succumbing to the siren song throughout the day. More time outdoors than indoors. More time laughing and talking, playing and digging than sitting and scrolling. 

Wanna join me?


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