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Mexitan wins the eco-friendly sunscreen test


Up until now I haven't tried any kind of eco-friendly sunscreen. We've had a cabinet full of Banana Boat and whatnot to use up, so it seemed a waste to get rid of it and try something new. Plus it seems like all of the reviews I'd read about non-toxic sunscreens were kind of 'eh.' Some people would love them, others would hate them (too greasy, too smelly, too sticky, etc). I'd obsess over the Skin Deep database, looking for potions that scored low, only to discover that no one really liked them that much. So I continued to use the old-school stuff.

And then one magical day an email from my friend Christy landed in my inbox. Christy and her family had gone to Florida and packed six sunscreens to test:

Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen (SPF 30)

TruKid Sunny Days Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Mexitan Water Resistant Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Jason Sunbrellas Mineral-Based Sunblock (SPF 30)

Badger Sunscreen (SPF 30)

California Baby (SPF 30)

Now, this was impressive! Christy is very enthusiastic about all things green -- we met through our GreenGroup-- and I trust her judgment. When she said that Mexitan won hands down, I knew that I'd found my sunscreen. (It's like having my own personal product tester.) She sent her review out to a bunch of friends, saying:

It isn’t super thick so it was easy to apply, it didn’t leave a white film, it came in a much larger bottle than the others and we didn’t get sunburned (applied every two hours). I also think it might have been one of the less expensive sunscreens ($16.95). I seem to recall too that you could order it in bulk, which I am seriously considering (on the Mexitan website).

So this is exactly what we did -- Christy ordered a bulk load of Mexitan for her friends, and it ended up costing us each $12.71 for an 8 oz bottle. And she was right! We love it. The only weird thing is that it comes out a little chunky, but it smooths right into your skin with no problem. It has a very mild scent, which seems to go away quickly, but it's pleasant, not offensive. The lotion scores a 1 on Skin Deep, which is great and one less thing to worry about.

Have you tried out many safe sunscreens? Care to offer your own review? (We've talked about sunscreen here before and this post has some good comments.) Have you tried any that are specifically for faces?

UPDATE 6/30/09: Since posting this, I've tested Mexitan more throroughly on a variety of complexions, and it does leave a slight white zinc oxide sheen. I guess we were so pasty white at the start of summer that we didn't notice it. I still like the sunscreen...but I can no longer say I love it.


P.S. for Portland: Speaking of eco-healthy products, Portland's own Melissa Moog, founder of Itsabelly, is launching her book Itsabelly's Guide to Going Green with Baby at Barnes & Noble Tanasbourne, 18300 NW Evergreen Parkway, this Saturday at 11am. In addition they are giving away some cool products, including a $400 eco stroller from Baby Planet. Go, Melissa!


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