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Tidbits: sunscreen, cutting boards and ice cream

My family just got home last night from five days in the Ozarks and I have all that homecoming stuff to deal with: dirty clothes, dirty house, wilted garden, dehydrated hermit crab...you know, the usual.

--  I've had an opportunity to more thoroughly test out the Mexitan sunscreen that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago on a variety of skin complexions, and it does indeed leave a faint white zinc oxide-type sheen on one's skin (I've updated my post). I guess my kids were so pale when we first started using it that it wasn't obvious. However, I still really like it. It doesn't feel greasy or lotion-y on my skin, and it works. You definitely need to re-apply it if you spend any time in the water, however. I have the pink shoulders to prove it.


--  The perfect solution to my cutting board dilemma presented itself shortly after I wrote about it. My mom reads this blog, and she gave me a butcher block cutting board that my paternal grandfather made about 35-40 years ago! I'd completely forgotten about it. This is the cutting board I grew up with and it's seen much use and has held up beautifully over the years. I'm going to lightly sand it and give it a mineral oil treatment, and it will be ready for chopping! One side has the juice catcher, the other is smooth and it's the perfect size. I can't tell you how happy this heirloom has made me! (And I was thisclose to buying a new one...just goes to prove that sometimes it pays to wait for a better solution.)

--  One of the kitchen gadgets that is lurking in my cabinets (and I'm hoping to get rid of) is an ice cream maker that has been used once...because ice makers are a pain in the butt. If it takes 24+ hours to make ice cream, then something is very, very wrong. Today's Oregonian FOODday has recipes for homemade, machine-free ice cream that you mix once and then freeze for only 3-8 hours before you devour it. The chocolate ice cream recipe, originally published in Cook's Country magazine, is getting tested in my kitchen soon. 


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