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Outdoor kids: camping with friends

Eight adults and eight children went camping over the weekend. The cell phones were stowed, the electronics left at home and the only music we heard was the roar of the nearby river. What to do, oh, what to do?

Go for a hike (and learn to identify poison oak and thimbleberry):


Ford the icy cold river:


Climb a rock:

Hold a newt (wet your hands first, and hold them gently over the pond in case they slip):


Learn to skip stones (or not):

Have a birthday party with a campground scavenger hunt:


Record your camping memories in small, handmade books:


And ride your bikes around the loop over and over and over again:


Then collapse into your sleeping bag and let the adults commune around the campfire, wineglasses in hand. Return home refreshed (particularly after that first shower) and renewed, with lasting memories and stronger friendships. Repeat.


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