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Swat! Non-toxic anti-mosquito measures

We're going camping this weekend with a great group of friends and surprisingly, I'm not in a tizzy getting ready. I think it's thanks to the collective wisdom of the bunch, and that there will be a pack of kids who all know and like one another and should play nicely together, and the fact that we'll be bringing lots of beer on ice. We 'car camp' about once per summer. Although last summer we flaked out at the last minute because it was the end of August, and by then we moms decided it was time for summer to be OVER and the work of planning and packing all the necessary gear sounded far too exhausting. I'm making it sound like we don't like camping, when that's not the case at all. We love camping for it's way of releasing the outdoor kid in all of us.

Mosquito-biting This particular trip has been in the works for a few months. Trying to get five or more families to commit to the same weekend during summer turned out to be next to impossible. Although we did have five registered at one point, one recently had to bow out. THEN it was discovered that the camp site we picked was horribly infested with recently hatched ravenous mosquitoes. Like an x-file (remember that show?)! The moms scrambled. We swapped sites in the hopes we will have fewer encounters with blood sucking insects. Regardless, we plan to come well armed: lotions, potions, sprays, wrist bands, vitamin supplements, high-pitched buzzing devices, citronella candles, camp-fire, thick clothing layers, you name it! Anything to keep the dreaded itchy-scratchy at bay. One of our moms offered to bring a bunch of the more natural, less toxic potions for all of us to sample. Please imagine me looking around, lowering my voice and making sure no one is hearing an EnviroMom say this next part: And some DEET-based option to use as a last resort. We are locked and loaded.

How do you keep the skeeters at bay as non-toxically as possible? Any products you love or hate? Please share!

(photo by phillyburbs.com/courier times)


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