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Shopping for eco-friendly window coverings


One of the things that I find challenging about being an EnviroMom is that every new purchasing decision I make is just so danged hard. Over the very hot summer, quite a few of our window blinds simply pooped out. The slim line of adhesive that holds the little fabric cells together came unglued. While the blinds had come with the house, and I'm not sure how old they were, it's the kind of thing that you don't appreciate how much you love and use them, until they don't work anymore.

So my first band-aid attempt to repair them used a few wooden clothespins to temporarily refasten the spots that came unglued. Well. Voila! That worked for about 10 seconds. They just tore in new spots. I guess when the glue decides to give on these things, it's O-V-E-R!

OK. Plan B. I'd swap some. Some windows really need to be covered for privacy or to block the sun. Others, not so much. So without moving any hardware, I prioritized and swapped the blinds. Well... That didn't work either. Because in about 10 minutes (note the improved performance of my solutions), these blinds broke too. Repeat conclusion about the glue just being finished.

I toyed with the idea of trying to reglue the blinds' fabric cells. But quickly realized there wasn't a snowball's chance in you-know-where of that working or looking any better than my kids' art projects.

Sigh. I haven't even gotten to the painful part yet. Ready for the pain? Now I have to figure out what to replace them with. Sure, I could go to 3-Day Blinds or some such place, and buy something similar to what I had. Heck, I could go to Ikea and get some cheap-o replacements that might last 10 days! But then, maybe these kinds of blinds aren't meant to last. And that drives me crazy. So maybe I should get wood blinds. Those pretty plantation shutters. But, what about the wood? Are they made from local wood and painted with no VOC paints? OK. Maybe blinds just aren't the answer. Drapes! I like fabric. Yes, drapes! But then, is the fabric organically grown and fair trade? And what about all the new hardware I'd need. How was that metal mined? Urgh. Do you kill yourself like this too? That's why you'll find a sheet pinned over the most sun-blinding window over my desk. It's eco-analysis-paralysis.

If there's any silver-lined cloud in this story, it's that Heather taught me that I can actually recycle my broken blinds, if I ever get around to deciding how to replace them. As for what to do in the long-term, I guess I'm still mulling that over. Any advice on green window covering options would be most welcome.


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