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Success with pants patching!

One of the downsides of buying second hand clothing is that areas of heavy wear, like the knees and seat, go threadbare pretty quickly. Threadbare leads to holes. Holes get little fingers poked in them incessantly until they're better off being cutoffs. Which is all fine and good if it's summer. Or the grunge look of long-underwear under cutoffs comes back. Heather long ago asked about preemptive pants patching. At the time, I didn't have much to say on the subject. Now I'd answer with an emphatic yes! After trying loads of those canvas-y denim colored heavy-duty patches, I'm over them. They're useless. The adhesive doesn't stay stuck! I also tried making a few of my own patches, but didn't find that those really looked as cute as I'd hoped or wore as well as necessary. My new fave in pants patching was discovered patching some high thread-count sheets (that were so soft they became our faves) and then got so frighteningly threadbare that I feared they would not make it through one more round with the washing machine. So I went to a fabric store, bought a yard of some white fusible cotton interfacing, ironed it on the underside, and it totally did the trick! These sheets have held up after many washings. And the corners of this stuff don't peel off like the cheap iron-on denim patches do. The product is Stacy #SF101 Shape-Flex interfacing. I think it comes in black and white (I bought white), and I'm pretty sure I got it at Joann or a big chain fabric store.

Knee-patch So I've now tried it on numerous pairs of jeans, and I have to say, this is it! Preemptive pants patching works. It's much harder to patch once there's already a hole than to do it while it's just getting threadbare. I cut this stuff to fit, iron according to directions on the back side, and it holds up in the wash! It doesn't really show the outline of the patch from the front side, either, probably because it's fairly light-weight. Love this stuff, and it's saved many a pair of pants in our home. And the sheets! It would have killed me to downcycle a queen-size fitted sheet! Now it has a whole lot of use left, thanks to preemptive patching.


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