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Baking soda as a natural, non-toxic deodorant

This is version 8.0.1 of the natural deodorant chronicles. It's so hard not to sweat the small stuff!!

My mom was just visiting, and since she hails from Hawaii and feels a chill when the temp dips below 70, we kept our heat a bit higher than usual during her stay. High for us is ice cold for most, so don't get me wrong. I probably put the heat up to 66 degrees only a few times. And if you turned around after my husband said something tricky like 'Hey! Look out the window! Flying pink dinosaurs drinking margaritas!!' he'd override my heat setting and drop it down to 55 before you even realized there were no extinct creatures or adult beverages to be seen.

In any case, tea tree oil, which has anointed my pits for months, and has done a fairly heroic job of keeping my pits not overly stinky... failed me repeatedly this past week. So you might have spied me doing some clandestine pit sniffing all day yesterday after I dabbed on baking soda with a powder puff straight up. I had heard about this ages ago, but feared it would be too gritty or sandy feeling. Not so. Didn't feel any different than a body powder. So I'm thinking that's the new pit sauce, er, powder. I'll report back once I've given it more than a day's test drive.

Oh, and I want to say I was motivated to try this after reading an email from Beth Terry, of Fake Plastic Fish fame, who said she's a tried and true fan but one time did get a tiny bit of grief from airport security about the unmarked white power in her luggage.


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