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Green parenting: where are we going in 2010?

Inhabitots kicks off 2010 with a great list of Green Parenting Predictions for the new year. Our very own Heather Hawkins is featured, predicting a move away from our dysfunctional overly processed industrial food system toward healthier whole foods. Remember those wise and simple words from Michael Pollan? 'Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.' I swear, I'm going to start a website called: DudeThatsNotFood.com and will post pictures of 98% of the products sold at regular grocery stores. You know what I'm talking about: yogurt sweetened with corn syrup in plastic tubes, granola made with artificially colored and flavored fruit sprinkles, GMO potatoes thinly sliced and deep fried in something that is not really fat. There will always be more crazy products that aren't really food! It'll be crazy viral good. Of course the manufacturers will probably sue me for libel and shut me down. Oh well. It's a fun idea anyway.

What are your green parenting predictions for the year ahead of us?


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