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Easy home-made valentines with cardboard and file folders

Planning ahead has never been a strength in this family. Great ideas usually arrive a day late and a dollar short. But not so this year with valentines! We stumbled upon a cute and easy Reduce/Reuse idea for home-made valentines cards thanks to the Martha Steward Living magazine that mysteriously arrived in my mailbox a few weeks back (even thought I've not subscribed). Martha's February issue had many mouthwatering Valentines' Day inspirations, most of which we ignored (out waistlines will thank us later). But we did like an idea she had about making stamps with corrugated cardboard -- hers were little rosettes. We modified her idea and made hearts. Here's what the stamps look like:
We used washable Crayola kid paints to ink the stamps (because of course we ended up with paint on our noses to our toes). Once the valentines dried overnight, the kids addressed and signed their cards. Here are some finished cards:

Easy peasy. No glitter. No mess. One-of-a-kid valentines. Nothing new or store-bought with characters and smart-alecky sayings. We had plenty of corrugated cardboard in the recycling bin to make our stamps. It did turn out that I had no cardstock for the cards, but we found a wealth of old file folders that were willing to be down-cycled into valentines.

If you have any easy valentines ideas you'd like to share (especially those that Reduce / Reuse materials creatively), please send us a description and a photo. We'll feature them throughout the week. Let love with a spirit of Reduce / Reuse / Recycle fill the air for this year's Valentine's Day!


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