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Looking for the down and dirty on diapers

Heather and I were chatting with a fellow Portlander who heads a One Can A Month household. Since he doesn't have kids, he wanted our input on diapers. And of course, we were a bit chagrined because neither of our families were in any way green when it came to diapers. Yes, we did not drink the green Koolaid until our AFTER our kids were out of their Pampers and Huggies. We sure have a heck of a lot of nerve calling ourselves EnviroMom after that admission, no??

Anywhoo. His question was this: is it possible to be a One Can A Month family if you do have kids in diapers? Most likely, if you use cloth diapers, it shouldn't be a problem right? If you opt for disposable diapers, is One Can A Month out of the question? Is wanting to go to One Can A Month ample enough reason to switch from disposables? It'd be cool to get your input. So please. If you will… Calling all diaper families! Is One Can A Month possible for the diaper set? And for those of you who do cloth diaper, is it a whole ton of work, or not as burdensome as you thought it might be?

(The photo is my second daughter at about a week old (she's 5 now). Her thought bubble is screaming: MOM! Are you kidding me with these disposable Pampers? Really??!)


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