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Sink strainers! Preventing clogged drains to avoid using those nasty drain-clearing chemicals

My commitment to a life free of toxic chemicals is never more tested than when presented with a plumbing problem. Yesterday's test came by way of a stopped up sink in the kid's bathroom. I've lamented in the past that whole tubes of toothpaste have gone down this drain. And hair and soap. Thus my day of reckoning arrived. Sigh.

I spent about two hours trying to snake and plunger the clog free yesterday. I ended up cross and disgusted by the primordial ooze that emanated from the sink. Inexplicably I also retrieved a vast amount of pine needles. Yet the dang-blasted clog would not break up. Ooooh how that devil on my shoulder kept whispering in my ear: 'drano…. liquid plumr foaming pipe snake….' I googled all the natural enzymatic alternatives with nary a testament that promised that they really work. More along the lines of: use these to keep your drains running freely on a regular basis! Well, nuts to that. Google did of course bring up about 2 million instances of the vinegar and baking soda treatment which didn't appear worth my time given the beaver dam I seemed to be up against.

As a last ditch effort, I removed the drain trap and of course spilled murky water all over the bathroom floor and sadly, the clog was not there but beyond, deep in the pipes within the walls. Having arrived in DIY failure-ville, I called a plumber who brought his professional skills and snaked the clog out this morning. There really is nothing quite like a competent plumber to make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, back to that 'ounce of prevention' wisdom. He recommended some mesh strainers to keep the hair and gunk out first and foremost. Why oh why haven't I done this before? They are $2 apiece. I went on a shopping spree. I got one for every sink in the house! Oh, and he did say that antibacterial soaps are especially good at gumming up pipes, so that gives me yet another reason to remain steadfast against using them.

TGIF! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend with free-flowing drains and no sewer problems in sight!


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