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Prolonging the life of a practically dried-up glue bottle

I'm staunchly opposed to individual size servings of most things, because it amounts to lots of wasted packaging if you ask me. I advocate buying in bulk. But there are some things that just don't work that way. Take glue. And no, not the white school glue that's really just for connecting your kid's hair to a stack of sticky papers and their hands: 'Mom! Help! I'm stuck!' (Well, maybe that's just my kid). I'm talking about crazy super gorilla glues. The kinds that are supposed to be able to repair anything! You see, when my kids aren't gluing themselves to their hair or homework, they're busy breaking things. Following by crying. And me going: 'Stop crying! We'll fix it!' (They are taking nominations for The Mother of the Year, so keep me in mind, won't you?).

Only to find that the super glue, or gorilla glue, that has been used only once, has glued itself into a solid brick. The nozzle is like a rock. Ain't nothin' gonna get glue to flow out of that baby ever again. Sigh.

I thought I was being real clever with the gorilla glue. I could no longer get the glue to squirt out of the top, after it had gotten all sealed up. So I took a heavy-duty T-pin and stuck it in the side of the glue's plastic bottle and voila. New opening! Yes, I managed to get TWO servings of super-powerful glue out of one bottle.

Lo and behold, the next time I looked into the cabinet, I found that the glue bottle had sought revenge on me. It had oozed out of the new piercing and glued itself to my cabinet. Oops. Thankfully, I was able to muster my superhero Master Recycler strength and yank it unstuck.

Which brings us to today. Would the gorilla glue bottle withstand yet another new piercing? I had to give it a try after my oldest broke this little copper/stained glass butterfly garden art thing-y while waiting for the bus this morning: 'Stop crying! Get on the bus and I'll fix it!' (Really. Get those Mother-of-the-Year nominations in!) The glue on the garden butterfly wing is now drying. The glue bottle is oozing and erupting anew like that non-stop volcano in Hawaii.

Anyway. That's why I'd like to see super and gorilla glue become available in single serve containers. And maybe makeup too. Is there anything worse than dropping 20 bucks on a new lipstick, then hating it on yourself? What would you like to see come in single-serving packaging?


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