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More pants patching and other realizations

I'm starring in my own movie, Motherhood of the Unraveling Pants, and it's coming soon to a theater near you! See my angst as my son blows out yet another pair of pants in the knees! Watch me wince dramatically as my daughter spills off her skateboard, rushing to her side to check for rips and tears. I don't care if you're bleeding! Dear God, did you rip the pants? It's highly-charged drama, folks. You're feeling my pain, aren't you? In my on-going battle with children's pants, I'm learning a thing or two.

1. Making and sewing your own patches does not have to be laborious. I've always stitched on patches by hand, which takes FOREVER and makes me crabby. Recently I took a good hard look at my sewing machine and realized I could do it all on the machine. (I'm still such an amateur at this.) Here's my latest effort:

I cut two squares of this fabric large enough to stretch from seam to seam of my daughter's pants and then a little extra for hemming. First I hemmed the patches, and then I sewed them to the pants. I could easily stitch the top and bottom of the patches just by removing this slide-y part of my machine and pulling the pants over it. (I'm not explaining this very well, but if you have a machine it probably makes sense.) But I couldn't figure out how to do the sides. So I just stitched them straight through the seams of the pants.


Once I figured all of this out, the patches came together very quickly. Love it. Renee posted a brilliant patch solution once before that's worth checking out.

2. New rule: There are school pants and there are play pants. You want to play outside after school? You change your pants.

3. After my son blew out his 5th pair of pants this school year (yes, 5 pairs since September) I took him to Sears to check out their offerings. Turns out Sears has a program called the Kidvantage Club where you can return any Sears-purchased worn-out, grass-stained kids clothing -- pants, shirts and shoes -- without a receipt and get a new pair. The only catch is that you can only exchange the clothes for the same size. So it's only for damaged clothes, not out-grown clothes. It's a free program, and you just sign up at the register. They have a good selection of Levi's and Lee jeans, and we bought five pair. I contacted Sears customer service to find out what they do with the old clothes that are turned in (hoping they'd say, "Why, we recycle them into insulation! or something similar) and was told, "I have no idea." I know buying 2nd hand clothing is better, but with pants they just wear out so dang fast. We'll be taking advantage of the Sears program.

This is a long post for a small victory (they're just pants!), but I like my movies to have a happy ending. :-)


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