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Review & give-away: The Eco-Nomical Baby Guide


I didn't prepare a proper Earth Day post today because we talk about it and (try to) live it every day! I'm glad we have Earth Day because it draws worldwide attention to this topic so near and dear to our hearts, but I don't feel any particular urge to wax poetic today. Except to say that Renee and I are so thankful to you all for being here, being supportive of each other and sharing. So today we're giving away a little something that will help new parents continue down that path! 

The authors of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet, Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley, sent me a copy of their book for review, and I gotta be honest, I wasn't that excited to read it. After all, I'm not having any more babies. But when I finally sat down with it, I was riveted and wished something like this had been around 9 years ago when I was pregnant with #1. But you know, so much has changed since then. Even just in the last three years that we've been EnviroMomming! The green movement has touched everyone, particularly the maternity set, so yippee for all of you pregnant women out there! You guys are going to want to get your hands on this book.

Joy and Rebecca write from personal experience, which always resonates so much stronger than a simple 'do this, do that' type of book. For instance, Rebecca actually itemized all of the stuff she bought for her new baby (massive reuse, Craigslisting, hand-me-downs) and compared it to the national average. Hers: $1005; National average: $6665. These moms are HUGE advocates of smart reuse and being realistic about what you NEED for baby and not buying into all of the hype from manufacturers who want you to think you need a ton of excess stuff. And - bonus! - by doing so you can save a boatload of money.

There are two whole chapters devoted to diapering: one breaks down all the costs involved with disposables, flushables and cloth and the environmental ramifications of each; another is devoted to cloth diapering and everything you'd want to know about it. Invaluable stuff here. What's powerful about this book is that they've tied all of these 'green baby' decisions back to dollars and have proven that it actually costs way less to raise a baby by making smart, sustainable choices. Eschew the $70 bamboo baby blanket for a hand-me-down! Learn how to make your own organic baby food without breaking the bank! It's all here in a well-organized, informative and personable guide.

So let's give one away! If you'd like a copy for yourself or as a gift for a green-minded mom-to-be, post a comment and we'll pick the winner at random. (Make sure to include your email address in the comment field form -- not in the body of the comments.) We'll close comments Saturday, April 24 at 9am Pacific Time and announce the winner that day. Good luck!

PS: For more good stuff from Joy & Rebecca, make sure to check out their blog, The Green Baby Guide.


Comments closed! The random number generator picked #32, and Ashley left the 32nd comment: "Expecting first baby in August - would love a copy!" Congrats to Ashley and thanks to everyone who left a comment. Who knew we had so many pregnant readers? Congrats to you all!



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