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Looking for the ideal lunch box food storage containers

I've got a stash of small plastic food storage containers that have served me well in the past few years, primarily for lunch box usage. They're a good size for a half a sandwich, a small serving of yogurt or a handful of crackers or nuts. I like that they're stackable.

What I don't like? The awful smell that I can't get out if it just so happens that one of them stores some chopped garlic or onions. Peee-yeeew! I coated one such container with a paste of baking soda and water for 24 hours, to no avail. Well, it might have brought the stench down a notch or two, but let's just say there'll be no more scoops of vanilla yogurt spooned into that lunch container. (If you have any ideas for de-stinking #5 plastic food storage, please chime in).

The other thing I don't like about these? They break! On occasion, one makes it into our freezer with just a wee bit of leftover sauce. I have a talent for knocking them out of the freezer, where they smash on the floor into millions of pieces. I swear, I break more plastic containers than glass! Why is that? One last little gripe -- you can bite the corner off of the lids! Yes, my 5-year-old (much to my chagrin) uses her teeth to get the lids off these things daily, and has bitten off the majority of the pull tabs. I've tried convincing her that plastic is not a food group. I'm pretty sure she doesn't chew them up and swallow them.

In a pinch, I've reused small glass jars with screw-top lids -- something like a tiny jam jar or a bouillon cube jar -- in lunches (they always get packed with a prayer that my kids don't drop and break them on school grounds.) And, I've found myself fondling the stainless steel lunch box containers I've seen lately in stores. We do also wash and reuse plastic zip bags on a fairly regular basis, but like Heather with the plastic produce bags, I'm sick to death of washing those dang things.

What kind of food storage do you use for packing lunch boxes? I've heard of people wrapping sandwiches in cloth napkins, but have never tried this. And I've read about the wrap-n-mats, but have never actually seen one. Anything you especially love?


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