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Order a free copy of the OEC Eco-Healthy Homes Checkup Kit


The Oregon Environmental Council has just released a free* 28-page toolkit designed to help homeowners create and maintain the healthiest living environment possible. There are so many unregulated chemicals in products throughout our homes -- and not just cleaning products -- and the Eco-Healthy Homes Checkup Kit will help you figure out how best to keep air quality good, keep pests and pollutants at bay as well as making good choices about personal care and cleaning products, plastics, household furnishings and much more. An extensive checklist is provided to help you identify areas that you have under control or that need attention. There's some great info here (love the tip about holding a piece of tissue near your bathroom fan to make sure it's working or needs cleaning!) that will help you take steps to a healthy home.  

* Free to residents of Oregon. If you live outside Oregon the toolkit is $2.50.


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