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Alternatives to plastic kitchen garbage bags?


When I embraced the habit of carrying reusable shopping bags three years ago, I lost my kitchen garbage can liners. We had always used paper grocery bags, but suddenly they stopped coming into our house every week. So I started buying plastic tall kitchen garbage bags, which just goes against my every impulse. We typically empty our kitchen can every 5-6 days, so we're not using a ton of bags, but still. I usually buy Seventh Generation bags because they're made with some recycled plastic content. But if the store is out of those I buy Natural Value Biodegradable Bags, which if you've been a long-time reader here you know how we feel about food-based plastic -- boo. I just hate that I'm buying any kind of plastic bag, period.

But what's the alternative?

We can't compost every type of food scrap (yet...curbside composting will hit Portland next year) so we do scrape a bit of food into the can. Could it be the only option is to -- gasp -- go without a kitchen can liner? Totally naked? And then -- gasp -- wash out the can each time it's emptied? But then you've got all of that wet mess in the curbside can, which will need to be washed out, too.

I'm wondering whether any of you have figured out how to go plastic-bag free in the kitchen can or have found a better alternative to buying plastic liners.


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