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Playing keep-away with wasps!

Listen up, wasps.

Apparently you are not aware of our family's position on nature, wildlife, creepy-crawlies, etc. It's really quite simple: We promise to leave you in peace, and refrain from using any noxious neurotoxins on you, so long as you STAY OUTSIDE OUR HOME. What's not to get? Let me just add that we hold a soft spot in our hearts for all pollinators!

But tell me this. Have you been hanging with those damn sugar ants? Because they are like the freakin' French revolutionaries, storming the Bastille and coming into my blessed kitchen every chance they get. Daily. By the million. I've lost count.

But this thing, of making larva hidey-holes in our windows… Um. Not working for us. That's why you may have noticed that my dear husband went all Rambo on your little cozy love nests. Just be happy he employed the out-of-work ice scraper instead of a full can of Raid. We do appreciate your restraint in not stinging the hell out of any family members during said resettlement campaign. Now, if you could just STAY OUT, we're all good.


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