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Loving 'Life'!

My kids aren't big into G-rated movies. They find them terrifying. Or at least one does. But all of us still feel that yearning for the couch-potato state after a jam-packed weekend of home work, soccer games, piano practice, cleaning the danged gutters, schlepping to the farmer's market, etc.

Enter the natural history series by the Discovery Channel/BBC called Life (we checked out the DVD series from our local library). Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, its 10 episodes have absolutely riveted us. The stories of the plants and animals they feature are truly amazing. Fish who climb up rock walls, with a little help from a waterfall. Insects who inflate their eyeballs like balloons. Humpback whales crooning for mates. Stunning and diverse plants climbing massive trees to find a patch of sun. Birds, butterflies, bees -- you name it. Although -- be warned. It is about life, and the struggle to bring forth the next generations. So be prepared with your 'Birds and the Bees Lecture: 101' While there's no graphic intercourse shown, allusions to sex are frequent and my kids had a multitude of questions on the subject.

The footage of these videos is absolutely amazing. Each episode weaves together a story of geography, habitats, the species that inhabit and thrive there, the food they eat, and the struggle to procreate and survive. It is gorgeous, astounding and inspiring. We never fail to talk for days about the species we learned about in each episode. I can't recommend Life highly enough.


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