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October 6, 2010: International Walk + Bike Day rocks!

Walk-bike-day Weather deities smiled upon Portland for International Walk + Bike to school day. Great turnout. My six-year-old summed it up succinctly: 'Walk day is fun!' Well, except for Heather's son, who accidentally stepped in dog poop.

Why do we walk or bike or board or scoot?

  • Green and human powered school trips lessen traffic congestion. Did you know that 20 to 25% of morning traffic is adults driving children to school? Ack!
  • It improves air quality. Exhaust from motor vehicles is the largest source of air pollution around schools.
  • It contributes to student health. Human powered trips to school on a regular basis reduce obesity rates and lessen the risk for heart disease and depression. Plus it's just darn fun to see all your peeps first thing in the morning.
  • It improves academic performance by helping students concentrate and do better in school. Nothing like a little bracing autumn air to wake your mind before that school bell rings.
  • It increases student safety. Here's a scary one -- 50% of children hit by cars near schools involve cars driven by parents of other students.

When the kids got to school, there were some tokens to acknowledge their efforts and a poster to sign. Love that!



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