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Other people's gardens


My garden did not provide the bounty of edibles I'd hoped for this year. Partly due to inattention (my brain was wrapped around the vexing 'to move or not to move to Ohio' question) and partly due to the kee-rappy summer weather. My basil melted in the rain, spinach never really took off, strawberries were gobbled up by slugs, ditto watermelon (though that was a risk anyway). Let's not even mention the three tiny Beefsteaks. Nope. I guess I did grow a ton of kale, so there's that. We are sun-challenged here, and I suspect my soil prep is lacking. So THANK GOODNESS for other people's gardens that allow me to live out my fantasies of 'growing your own.'


Yesterday's Home & Garden section in The Oregonian answered that call for inspiration with a great story by Kimberly A.C. Wilson. Kimberly bought a cottage in North Portland and has spent the past two years learning how to garden by tackling her own space. She's now making pickles and canning preserves and drying basil...from the riches of her garden. She tells an engaging, inspiring story, and part two is coming next week! Here's an excerpt:

Where dying cedars and diseased photinia stood a few years ago, fragrant honeysuckle, clematis, jasmine and akebia now climb. Where dandelion held dominion, artichoke and lavender blossoms today flourish, spurge and sweet woodruff gambol, and sunflowers and lupine nod in late-summer breezes.

Yes. One of my dearest hopes for our new life in Ohio is that we're able to find a house with a sunny yard. A flat yard is a given, but darnit, I want a patch of light and warmth in which to grow a proper tomato. 

You can read Kimberly's story online here. Are there garden sites and blogs that you stalk for inspiration (or simply to live vicariously)? List them in the comments, s'il vous plait.


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