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Portland Fix-It Fairs coming up!

This is the time of year when I wish I was a renter. Then I could just call up the landlord and give him/her a piece of my mind:

Yes, hello? Just wondering when you're going to come and caulk the windows we talked about? Don't you remember? The ones that were leaking from the rain last winter. I told you about them. And you had all summer long to do it! And those gutters! Don't even get me started about the gutters. They fill up with needles the second they get cleaned. Get on that! Oh, and one last thing. That furnace. The filters need to be cleaned. You might want to do that before we have to start using the furnace in earnest. I seem to recall they take days to truly dry out…

Yeah, well, hmpf. No one to blame but me. I will say I did caulk the windows the other day -- thank goodness before the rains came. And I cleaned the furnace filters on one of the lovely sunny autumn days. We have cleaned the gutters recently, but ugh. They are a never ending project. Welcome to home-ownership!

I'm just betting you've got a 'honey-do' list as long as mine. And some of the things might not get done because you just don't know how (like me). But wish you did, or could hire someone who can. Portland peeps, you're in luck. The city-sponsored Fix-It Fairs are on the calendar:

  • November 20, Ron Russell Middle School (3955 SE 112th Ave.) (includes workshops offered in Spanish)
  • January 22, Parkrose High School (12003 NE Shaver St.)
  • February 26, Jefferson High School (5210 N. Kerby Ave.)

Fix-It Fairs feature hourly workshops and exhibits on water and energy savings, home weatherization, gardening, composting, recycling and more. Each fair runs from 8:30am to 2pm, on the Saturdays listed.


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