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Green guilty pleasure: online magazines

While I have lamented the growing popularity of e-book readers and the demise of printed newspapers, I am wildly applauding burgeoning online magazine industry. You see, I used to buy and subscribe to a ton of magazines. Home decor magazines were my absolute weakness, but I often couldn't leave the grocery store without a gardening or fitness journal tucked into my reusable bag. Most I would read over and over again, folding-down the corners and filing away for future reference. Others I would read quickly once before tossing in the recycling bin. I have every issue of Domino Magazine (rest in peace) archived in magazine files, and dozens more Dwell, Metropolitan Home and Living, Etc. in my, ahem, personal design library. That's a whole lot of paper and ink.

So I'm thrilled that there are online magazines popping up everywhere. And I think they are WAY more useful than paper mags because you can click right through to find information about products or other resources. Plus they are free! With magazines, particularly home decor, it's more about the visuals anyway, so reading is minimal. And all of the back issues are easily accessed from the Web sites, so no more magazine files cluttering up my life. I'm loving it! Here are four I've been enjoying:

Lonny - home decor from the Domino folks

Covet Garden - more great home decor

Pure Green Magazine - fabulous green decor, craft and product ideas

Gifted Magazine - products, design and all sorts of DIY goodness

Are you loving online magazines, or do you prefer the feel of glossy paper beneath your fingertips? Add your favorite online magazines in the comments!


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