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November 15: America Reycles Day!

Stop what you are doing! Right now! Did you know that today, November 15, 2010 is America Recycles Day? I only did because we've been getting upteen emails about it for the last few weeks. And not to be confused with Earth Day, which comes in spring. Or World Diabetes Day, which was yesterday, I think. And Teacher Appreciation Week, which goes on this whole week. Sheesh. Lots of things to think about/do/commemorate.

Back to America Recycles Day. I'm guessing you're like me. You probably recycle every day. Or when your recycle bin gets full. But, hey. If it's a conversation starter for someone in your life who isn't a full-fledged recycle-freak like us, then so be it. Go forth and recycle! Or better yet REDUCE and REUSE!! OK, now. As you were.


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