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Crafting up a homemade holiday Sedaris-style


I wasn't sure I'd have time to get a post up today what with all of the crafting I've been doing. As the snow falls gently out my window, I've been snug inside with a cup of tea and a wonderfully inspirational craft book that's had me bustling about like a little elf on Christmas Eve. You see, when I left Portland Renee gave me this book as my parting gift, and frankly I think it should be on the shelf of every crafter. It's called Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris, and while I think the title is a little misleading -- because even rich people can make these super crafts! -- it is chock full of inspired homemade creations that contain a strong dose of reuse. (Hooray for reuse!) OKAY FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS, IT'S TIME TO STOP READING NOW!!!!!!!!

One special friend is getting this rustic, woven fireside seat warmer made from newspaper. This was so easy to make, and what's cool is that if it rips you can just tape it back together. And once it's reached the end of its lifespan, you could either recycle it, compost it or burn it. It's like the circle of life.



Look at the detail on these canisters. I just love her use of green here.



I know you've seen lots of charming lighted Christmas villages on craft blogs, but not everyone lives in a cozy gingerbread house. Amy's Skid Row village shows a real sensitivity toward all people while making great use of empty milk cartons.


There is so much more in this book -- I'm particularly fond of her sausage crafts and human hair decorations -- that you just need to get it for yourself. Make your loved ones feel really special this season. Make it a homemade holiday.


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