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Smart Strip making me feel Stupid

Do you want to hear how much money and energy my Smart Strip has saved me? Do ya? Yeah? Are you sitting down? This is rare! None! Nada! Zip! Zilch! And do you know why it hasn't saved me any money or energy? Because it's still sitting in its box after having received it as a gift months ago!! Although maybe I can burn the layer of accumulated dust on the box and call it carbon-neutral biomass? Or I could regift it as a White Elephant during the holiday season?

I love the concept of the Smart Strip. I've had friends rave about them. But when it comes down to it, I read the instructions and can't really figure out the difference between a 'Constant Hot Outlet,' a 'Control Oulet' and an 'Automatically Switched Outlet.' I did graduated from college a long, long time ago. I think of myself as a fairly intelligent person. Why is this so hard? And is the rather expensive Smart Strip any better than just a regular power strip that you take the nanosecond to turn on and off, as needs arise?

Do you use a Smart Strip? Do you have it connected to your TV or your computer? Do I need to hire a Smart Strip Electrical Consultant to show me how to best implement this energy-savings solution in my home? Or am I best off selling the darn thing on eBay and just continuing to turn on/off my regular power strips?


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