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Time for some green new year's resolutions!

I'm a pretty goal oriented person, so I've got nothing against new year's resolutions. Some years I focus on one big resolution. Other years, smaller or private ones. This year I'm noodling over a few medium sized goals:

Growing-citrus-book 1. Actually grow fruit on my fruit trees instead of just keeping them on life support. Here's what has happened so far... We bought some fruit trees in the past few years. We planted them following the helpful suggestions from the tree grower. After that. Hmm. Well. Um. Did you ever notice that trees don't come with owner's manuals? And I'm pretty much clueless. I did have a chat with a master gardener at our farmers' market back in summer, and they said fruit trees should be sprayed twice a year in November and February, which I confess, I have already blown as far as November was concerned because it was just too darned cold and rainy. However, I did go to the library this weekend and now have a book about growing citrus. I will try to get my little potted lemon and lime trees off life support this year, and into fruit production mode. And I will do that February spraying if it kills me!

2. I need to get out of my winter produce rut. Maybe you're afflicted with something similar? You go to the store and buy the same darn things, regardless of where they come from or if they are in season or what they cost, simply because you know how to make them and are mostly certain that your family with eat them. Right now, for better or worse, I buy broccoli, apples, pears and carrots. Boring. Lame-o. Now, I know I could really push myself to a higher level by subscribing to a produce delivery box like those offered by Organics to You or Spud. But I'm scared. I keep stalling. I keep sticking to my rut. Help me.

3. Get rid of stuff. Being a Master Recycler and minimal producer of garbage, there's this part of me that hates to throw anything away. I'm not a hoarder. It's not that sick. But there comes a point when enough is enough. I need to be a little more selective. I've got to accept the fact that we can no longer recycle mylar here in Portland and either find a really fantastic reuse for it (or reuse org), or get rid of it already. Same with a lot of stuff. Clearing out feels so good, especially at this time of year.

4. Remodel our kitchen greenly and affordably. We're in the very early planning stages. Super, SUPER exciting. But, let me remind myself that it's in the EARLY planning stages. So I must contain said excitement and remember to work on the other previously stated goals.

I could probably go on and on. Lots of things to work on this year. And you? Did you have a happy, happy holiday season? Are you super ready to greenify your new year's resolutions? Please share what you are working on. It's great to be back and get the EnviroMom conversation started again.


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