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Reuse ideas? Buried in old cotton socks & t-shirts

Betty, from Springfield, PA, has a challenge. Perhaps you can relate:

I LOVE your website and really admire what the two of you do in making the world a greener place.  I am also trying to follow your advice and live a greener life and run a greener household.  My problem is this - I refuse to throw out old cotton socks and t-shirts (the ones that are not in good enough shape to be donated/handed down/etc.) but have no idea what to do with them.  I have garbage bags filled with them!  Are there organizations out there that can use them for rags or something?!?

Sock-reuse If you are like Heather, you might make whimsical crafts from them. It is what she gave me for Christmas with this little note attached:

Don't you hate it when you open the pantry and see a mish-mash of canned food labels with garish colors and competing fonts? Aren't you embarrassed to let guests see your Hunt's canned tomato sauce? Here's your solution! Decorative Canned Food Cozies! Featuring our new Cheerful Pom-Pom and Drunken Party Girl designs (pictured)!

I laughed so hard after opening that gift that I nearly wet myself. But that's only two socks. It sounds like Betty has a bigger challenge on her hands.

I find old t-shirts make great hankys and lunch-box napkins. Just cut them into the square sizes you like, and they don't need hemming. I also will use cotton t-shirt scraps for patching holes in the knees of jeans (by hand-sewing onto the reverse side).

Bet let us brainstorm. Tell us, dear readers. How do you reuse old cotton socks and t-shirts? Do you know of reuse organizations that will take them as rags?


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