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Green remodeling: reuse, recycling and time capsules

On Monday morning, our kitchen remodel kicked off. And yesterday, the porta-potty was delivered. So that makes it official!

It seems like we've been discussing kitchen stuff now since the invention of dirt. So many things to think about and decide. Then try to figure out if the decisions will even work in our space. Then how much they will cost. And the $64,000 question: What exactly does 'green' mean, anyway? I will say, it's a lot harder to keep true to green ideals than I thought it would be. It seems like this thing is going to cost about $4.6 billion. So don't even talk to me about FSC lumber. La, la, la, la, la! I can't hear you!

So far, we have our good ol' friend craigslist to thank, and the hard work of my husband in photographing, measuring and emailing back and forth to find new homes for some of our old stuff. I'm pleased to say that almost all of our old oak cabinets found new homes. Only two smallish (formerly over the fridge and micro) cabinets failed to make a love connection with any of our interested parties. The door and screen that used to be a delivery/service entrance was sold to a nice woman who will build it into a greenhouse she is working on. Our old kitchen faucet (but not the sink!) was bought. And some extra cabinet pulls were bought. Yay, reuse! While we did not hire a 'deconstruction service', our contractor was great about taking things out carefully for reuse. We will be re-installing our dishwasher (which is temporarily living in our garage). Our old range and micro were just too sad to try to resell, but we're told they will be recycled for the metal parts. Our old fridge is serving in our garage right now, and will be hauled off and recycled by Energy Trust once the new (much more energy efficient) one comes.

A few interesting finds:

Sugar Corn Pops cereal box. The kids found this utterly amazing and hilarious.

The demo crew also found the top of an old bentwood cane:

We finally got to see inside the painted shut delivery box that was on the outside of our house, by the delivery door. Our guess is that it was either for dairy or ice. We had been hoping there'd be some gold bouillon inside. No luck. Just a lot of dust.

For now, we are noodling over what we might put into a time capsule of our own, and seal up into the new walls. Any suggestions?


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