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Before you recycle those moving boxes, try reuse first

Moving boxes
We moved! Again. After renting for six months, we finally bought a house and moved in last weekend. Stuff from storage that we hadn't seen all this time moved in, too. We had (and still have) boxes everywhere. A cross-country move requires heavy-duty moving boxes and lots of packing paper. On the plus side, we haven't found any damaged items so far. But those boxes! They were threatening to eat us alive. We could have set them out for recycling, but we wanted to extend their sturdy lifetime for a bit more, so we turned to good old Craigslist. After all, reuse trumps recycling every time.

Do you know how many responses 'free moving boxes' on Craigslist will net you? At least thirty within 24 hours. Three happy folks came over, broke down the boxes, scooped up packing paper and pretty much cleaned us out. For the next round of boxes, I think we'll try a 'curb alert' which is something I've only just learned of. A Craigslist 'curb alert' lets folks know that you are setting out free items at the curb on a specific day and time, so that way you don't have to deal with responding to emails and setting meeting times. The only drawback is having to post your address, so if that makes you uncomfortable then stick with the traditional method.

The people who took our boxes were grateful (as were we) and talked about passing them along to other friends who were moving. Paying reuse forward...you gotta love it. 


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