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Getting back in the groove with composting

My name is Heather Hawkins, and it's been nine months since I last composted my food scraps. I think a support group for greenies-who've-fallen-off-the-wagon could be a good thing, yes? Could you use one? Well, consider this your circle of trust. I'm listening. And admitting my own struggle! I stopped composting last fall when we put our Portland house on the market, was unable to compost in the rental we lived in for six months here in Columbus, and finally! set up an Earth Machine at our new house last week. Yahoo! 


Initially it was a struggle to stop composting since it had become such an ingrained family habit. The kids were all, wha?? you want us to throw the apple core in the garbage? are you insane? (I was little insane back then, actually.) But now we are unpacked and settling in and getting back into our groove. And just in time for melon and sweet corn season! It would be hard to throw this in the garbage:


I am having to retrain the family to remember to compost their fruit and veggie scraps, occasionally reaching into the garbage and pulling out banana peels. But we'll get there again. It feels great walking my kitchen pail out to the Earth Machine. It feels familiar. And there isn't much that has felt familiar since we uprooted, so this feels just right. The previous owners of our house left behind a big bag of straw, which I've been using for my brown matter. This autumn when the leaves fall, I'll rake up two big garbage cans full and use those throughout the winter.

Who would have thought that composting could get a girl back to feeling her old self again? Have you fallen off the green wagon in certain areas lately? Trust me, you can get back on when the time is right.


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